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Best top 10 travelling tips for hills

Inder Singh Thakur
Submitted by Inder Singh on Wed, 08/24/2022

Summer season is best time for travelling and so we bring here best top 10 travelling tips for hills in rainy season. I believe best time for travel is before rainy season and after rainy season. if you are travelling to hills you really need to be very careful.

lets share top 10 best travelling tips while you are packing your bags:-

  1. Keep waterproof , lightweight items for best travel:-

    • Waterproof foam shoe, sandals , rain coats, extra par of socks. In hills you can not trust season or clouds and you may face sudden rain . So better be prepared for these situations.
  2. Always check weather advisory:-

    • Bad weather if really you would not like to choose. Make sure you are ready to face hail storms. You can check weather conditions accordingly.
  3. Avoid river sides in rainy season:-

    • Old saying in India Himachal mandi is "बरसाती नी जाना नाले और हयुंदे नी जाना धारा " . Means avoid going to river sides in rainy season and avoid visiting hill tops with heavy snow. And 100% this is true. ! You can not trust both hills & rivers during their peak season.
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