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10 ways to Banish your daily work Stress

Inder Singh Thakur
Submitted by Inder Singh on Mon, 12/14/2015
  1. Meditate

    If your way of dealing with stress involves ranting to coworkers or face-planting in a bag of chips, we've got a simpler, healthier idea for you: Spend less than half an hour practicing mindful meditation. Try to Meditate and you will see a quick improvement in dealing with stress.

  2. Exercise

    Daily exercise

  3. Listen to music

    Listen to music.

  4. Call a friend or Spend Time With Friends and Family

    Friends & family are

  5. Talk yourself through it

    Sounds foolish to you?

  6. Sleep better

    Not taking proper sleep?

  7. Laugh laudly

    Learn to laugh !.

  8. Learn to Say No

    Why afraid to say no?

  9. Breathing Deeply

    Make sure you getting proper oxyzen !

  10. Focus on nature

    Try to spend some time with nature ! Many time you will prefer to spend some time lonely !

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